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ITW goes on the offensive

Israel Truth Week has a brand new site with a brand new mission!
We are excited to announce the relaunch of Israel Truth Week with this brand new site and a brand new mission:
"Israel Truth Week seeks to liberate Jews and Israel from the lies, hate, violence and political intimidation associated with the false 'occupation' narrative."
Israel Truth Week was founded in 2012 after Jewish students were intimidated at Western University in London, Ontario while campus police watched and did nothing. Our original mission was multi-faceted, but it's main objective was to provide a brand name for pro-Israel events as a counter to the repugnant Israel Apartheid Week activities. To that end we held 3 unique conferences in Southern Ontario, Canada raising many thousands of dollars for organizations such as the Alyn Children's Hospital in Jerusalem and Magen David Adom, Israel's emergency service.
Speakers for the first Israel Truth Week conference, 2012
A new site!
Our original website was built on the free platform that served us well over the years, but was not designed for mobile use, nor would it integrate well with other essentials such as a database management system. This new site is not only beautiful; it works across all devices and is easy to use and maintain. 
Our old site will be maintained as an archive, and it has lots of good stuff there!
A new mission: train pro-Israel freedom fighters to destroy the occupation narrative
After getting started in 2012 we eventually realized that the greatest contribution to the fight for Israel that we can provide is one that very few are offering: empowering Israel's friends with training about how to use the remarkable document that is Israel's land title deed--the Mandate For Palestine--as a powerful counter-propaganda weapon, especially when combined with Mandate-based activism. 
We don't just teach the words and history of the Mandate--we teach people how to use it as a powerful counter-propaganda weapon to make a moral argument that has never before been made: 
"There can be no peace without truth, and the truth is that Jews are owners, not occupiers because they (we) have a land title deed from the ORIGINAL two-state solution, the 1922 League of Nations Mandate For Palestine, in which the world promised Jews they could rebuild their (our) ancient national home in all of Palestine/Israel.
It is immoral, therefore, that the world accuses Jews of rebuilding communities in their homeland after it specifically authorized and encouraged them to do so. It is also immoral to try to intimidate Jews into a new two-state solution after the world has refused to honour its promises and obligations in the ORIGINAL.
The 'solution' to protecting the honour and dignity of the Jewish People is for the Israeli government to stop talking about solutions and instead focus on truth by calling a moratorium on all solution-related activities until the world acknowledges and upholds its obligations in the Mandate For Palestine."
When you've completed your training with us, you'll know exactly what to say in response to the 'occupation!' accusation--on or off-line--and how to respond when the other side says, "Yeah, but..."
In other words, we train you how to take control of the debate.
Empowering and inspiring Israel's friends!
I've personally trained over 400 people (Jewish and Christian) live. One Jewish Zionist wrote to say, "All my life I never had a copy of my country's land title deed...until you put one in my hands." Wow! After speaking to a conference of 77 Christian leaders from 4 different countries attendees were coming up to me for the rest of the day saying things like, 'My trip here would have been worth it just to hear you speak and receive this booklet.'
Our goal is to massively duplicate these moving and empowering experiences by eventually putting a copy of Israel's land title deed in the hands of every Zionist in the world together with training on how to use it as a powerful counter-'occupation' weapon. It's a big goal, but we can do it...together.
A. IMPORTANT...stay in touch:
B. Volunteer for our Certified Mandate Ambassador program: Still in the works, but we're taking names. We need an army of volunteers to learn all about the Mandate and the principles of activism so you can go online, into your campus or organization and watch for opportunities to engage with those spreading the false 'occupation' narrative. You will be our media watchdogs. Perhaps, you might want to train and mento others, or maybe not. It will be up to you. But, let us know if you think you want to be part of the program by dropping me an email with 'Volunteer for CMA Program' in the subject line. Include your name, address, telephone # and website if you have one.
C. Add your endorsement to our first international Mandate-based campaign: 'Tell Bibi...Give The Speech! (#GiveTheSpeech). We're getting ready to launch a  petition asking Israel's PM to deliver a speech (which we've written for him to make it easy!) in which he declares a moratorium on all 'solutions' until the world acknowledges Jews as owners. You can be among the first to add your endorsement before we officially launch. We're getting very exciting feedback from those who have seen it.
D. Organize a Mandate training session for your church, shul or organization. Contact me if you'd like to talk about it. By all means, call me up until 10pm EST at 1.519.457.0709.
E. Read Israel's land title deed and watch the training video with Salomon Benzimra -- author of The Jewish Peoples' Rights To The Land Of Palestine, and co-founder of Canadians for Israel's Legal Rights-- that explains where it came from. You can do both right here.
F. Donate! You didn't think we'd forget this one, did you? Israel Truth Week has been mainly self-funded since 2012 by its founders who have financed its work from savings and credit lines along with the occasional donation from supporters (thank you!), but it cannot continue without your generous support.
We need $50,000 for 2015 in order to pay our decidedly un-bloated salaries, and pay the bills. That amount includes training booklets for 5,000 people, and the ability to offer free or nearly-free basic Mandate training sessions in most of the province of Ontario, Canada. It also means that Mark can travel to speak in other regions without charging a speaker's fee (we'll need expenses paid). That's just over $4,000 a month. It's not chicken feed, but it's a pretty good value for your money. You can set up a monthly giving plan or make a one time donation.
If all you can give is a little, we're very grateful for that. If you can help fund us in a bigger way, we're grateful for that, too.
If you prefer to donate by cheque, it actually saves us money, especially for larger donations. Make them payable to 'Mark Vandermaas-Israel Truth Week' and send them to this address.
We're not a registered charity, so we have no issues with government limits on political activites (Yippee!), but this huge benefit means you can't receive an income tax break for your donation.
Thanks for supporting Israel Truth Week for the last 4 years. The next 4 should prove to be very exciting.
Mark Vandermaas
Director of Training