My Israel advocacy training mission is to teach 10,000 Jewish and Gentile freedom fighters how to use Israel's land title deed - the Mandate For Palestine - to liberate her people from the lies, hate, violence and political intimidation associated with the false 'occupation' propaganda.


    I believe no Jewish child should go to bed one more night believing their people stole someone else's land.


    Book ITW's Mark Vandermaas for an Israel Advocacy Training event for your Church, Synagogue or pro-Israel organization

    BASIC TRAINING (2.0 hrs): Using the Mandate For Palestine to build a moral narrative

    Would you believe...of all the friends of Israel who have attended Israel Truth Week training, only about 2% have ever read the magnificent words of Israel's land title deed that was given to the Jewish people by the world?


    So, first, we'll go through the most important clauses in the Mandate For Palestine, and then we'll use that knowledge to build a brand new, truth-based, moral narrative to counter and destroy the 'occupation' accusations.

    • Hour 1: Are Jews Owners or Occupiers?
    • Hour 2: Taking Control of The Debate

    YOUR TRAINER: Mark Vandermaas has personally trained over 450 pro-Israel advocates how to use Israel's land title deed - the League of Nations Mandate For Palestine - to construct a simple, yet powerful new moral narrative to counter the devastating 'occupation' propaganda. He has appeared on Christian TV numerous times to share his perspective on Israel's land rights and pro-Israel activism/advocacy.

    To book a live training event for your organization, contact Mark.​ 

    "All my life I never had a copy of my country's land title deed until you put one in my hands. Your support, understanding, vision and belief in us gave me the courage to stand up as a proud Jew."

    Renanah Gemeiner, land rights activist; Board Member, Toronto Zionist Council, Co-founder of Canadian Jews and Friends of Yezidis​


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  • Israel Truth Week - Mandate For Palestine training booklet


    1. VIDEO: Watch the Mandate For Palestine training video.


    2. BOOKLET: Download the Mandate For Palestine training booklet.


    3. POSTERS: Print these posters for your next rally! Print 8.5x11" for flyers or up to 20x28" for posters:

    Poster-FRONT-'Ask me about Israel's land title deed'
    Poster-BACK: Palestine recognized as Jewish National Home

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