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    So...you hate Zionists & Israel?

    WHAT IF...the person who told you Jews stole land and are occupying it in violation of international law was lying or misinformed? I know it sounds hard to believe, but would you want to know? You can. Right here. Right now.


    Scroll down just a little and start learning the truth about the Mandate For Palestine, Israel's land title deed from the world, the international law Israel-haters don't want you to know about.

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    Are you a Jew or Christian friend of Israel who needs some hope and help?

    What if the 'solution' to achieving true peace with Arab Palestinians is to stop focusing on solutions, and focus on truth and justice instead? My Liberating Israel training program will free your thinking, and give you the hope and tools you're looking for. Scroll down a teensy bit and get started.

  • Israel Truth Week - Mandate For Palestine training booklet


    Online Training

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    Part 1 - History of Israel's Land Deed: Watch this Mandate For Palestine introductory training video with the late land rights expert/author Salomon Benzimra. Learn the incredible history of Israel's modern land title deed.


    Part 2 - Building a Narrative of Truth: Are Jews Owners or Occupiers? Now, watch Mark Vandermaas at a live training event as he takes you through the key clauses of the Mandate For Palestine, then shows how to: a) counter the 'occupation' narrative with a new, moral, truth-based narrative; b) answer the hardest objections with ease.


    Follow along with Mark: Download and print the Mandate For Palestine training booklet used in this recorded workshop. (If you want Mark's latest training booklet click here.)


    Part 3: Read this powerful speech for Israel's prime minister written by Mark to demonstrate how Israel could use a strategic, Mandate For Palestine-based, moral narrative to protect the dignity and honour of Jewish people via a moratorium on 'solutions.'


    Related Books: a) The Jewish People's Rights To The Land Of Israel, by Salomon Benzimra. b) The Legal Foundation And Borders Of Israel Under International Law, by Howard Grief


    Giving a speech? Want to include a message about Israel's land rights? Awesome! Mark's done the work for you. Use as-is or take just what works for you: Are Jews Owners Or Occupiers?


    Posters: Print these posters (up to 20"x28") for your rally. Print some as 8.5"x11" flyers to give out to people who want to know more.

    Poster-FRONT-'Ask me about Israel's land title deed'
    Poster-BACK: Palestine recognized as Jewish National Home
  • Your Trainer

    Would you believe?

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    Would you believe...of all the Jews and friends of Israel who have attended Israel Truth Week training (most of whom were committed Zionists), only about 2% had ever read the magnificent words of Israel's modern land title deed given to the Jewish people by the world in 1922? So, first, we'll go through the most important clauses in the Mandate For Palestine, and then we'll use that knowledge to build a brand new, truth-based, moral narrative to counter and destroy the 'occupation' accusations.


    Mark Vandermaas of Israel Truth Week appears on Vision TV network Christian show, 'Inside Israel' for 4 roundtable discussions with renowned author/broadcaster Christine Williams moderating, 2015/2016

    YOUR TRAINER: Mark Vandermaas is the non-Jewish founder of Israel Truth Week whose parents lived under Nazi occupation and saw Jews taken away. His Liberating Israel program teaches Jews and friends of Israel how and why to tactically and strategically confront the devastating 'occupation' narrative underlying so much of today's antisemitism.


    He has travelled Israel extensively as a UN peacekeeper in 1978, and as a member of the 2019 Jewish National Fund Educators Mission. In 2012, Mark received the greatest honour of his life when he was asked to help light a candle at the National Holocaust Memorial service in Ottawa.


    Mark has organized pro-Israel conferences, appeared on Jewish and Christian TV, and personally trained over 650 Zionists, including Jewish students, to make a moral argument against the ‘occupation’ lie using Israel's land title deed, the Mandate For Palestine.


    Jews For Judaism was so inspired by Mark's 'Jews Are Owners, Not Occupiers' message, they produced a training video based on one of his live training workshops. He has also been a guest on the podcast of the Canadian Jewish education site JTeach.ca.


    Before focusing on defending Israel from the 'occupation' blood libel, Mark's rule-of-law activism during the Caledonia crisis was cited in two books: the bestselling Helpless, by Christie Blatchford, and in Gary McHale’s Victory In The No-Go Zone. 

    Israel Truth Week founder, Mark Vandermaas, is interviewed by Doris Epstein on Jewish Review’s ‘Shalom World’ show, April 9/14 . They discuss Israel Truth Week and the need for a moratorium on all solutions-oriented activities (land give-aways & negotiations) until the world community acknowledges the status of Jewish people as ‘owners, not occupiers’ by virtue of their ‘land title deed’ from the ‘original’ two-state solution: the League of Nations Mandate For Palestine. Click image to view. (30 mins)

    Click image to watch Mark Vandermaas interview by Doris Epstein on Shalom World TV.

    To book a live training event for your organization, contact Mark.​

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    "All my life I never had a copy of my country's land title deed until you put one in my hands. Your support, understanding, vision and belief in us gave me the courage to stand up as a proud Jew."

    Renanah Gemeiner, land rights activist; Board Member, Toronto Zionist Council, Co-founder of Canadian Jews and Friends of Yezidis​

    Rev. Joe Campbell

    "Mark Vandermaas is the real deal. His work on the land title deed is superior to anything else I have seen or heard...it is a must for every person who loves Israel."

    Rev. Joe Campbell, Co-Leader
    Stand On Guard Prayer Canada​

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    "We appreciate all that you have done in promoting our organization, educating people about the Mandate For Palestine, working with Goldi Steiner in support of Canadians for Israel's Legal Rights, fighting antisemitism which is disguised in anti-Zionism and representing justice in Israel Truth Week."

    Irving Weisdorf, President
    Canadian Antisemitism Education Foundation

  • Mission

    My Israel Advocacy Mission is to teach Israel supporters how to liberate Israel from the 'occupation' blood libel using Israel's modern land title deed - the Mandate For Palestine - as a platform for sharing a new, moral, truth-based narrative:


    "There can be no peace without truth, and the truth is that Jews are owners, not occupiers because they have a land title deed from the original two-state solution, the 1922 Mandate For Palestine, in which the world returned their homeland to them and told them to rebuild it everywhere west of the Jordan River. Countless Jews died in the Holocaust because they were illegally kept out of their land and now, the world wants to take it away. Jews should be able to trust the world's promises. Why are we talking about a NEW two-state solution when the world failed to honour the original? It is immoral and unjust. It's time to stop talking about solutions and start talking about truth. It's time for a moratorium on all 'solutions' until the world protects the honour and dignity of the Jewish people by acknowledging its promises in the Mandate."


    If the Jewish People want to tear their ‘national home’ in half
    for peace that is their decision. My mission is to make sure that if
    they choose to do so, they do it with the dignity of the world knowing
    they and their children are owners, not occupiers.”


    Mark Vandermaas
    Trainer, Israel Land Rights


  • NEWS

    January 21, 2017 · Palestine,Occupation,israel
    WHAT IF... Prime Minister Netanyahu gave this speech to the world? 'Truth Before Solutions: A New Path To Peace' “Ladies and gentlemen: "This is a momentous day in the history of Israel and the Jewish People, a day when we will take a bold step on a new path to long term peace. “After...
    A good friend close to the Israel-based Women In Green movement named Renanah Gemeiner asked me to share this urgent message asking Jews concerned about land rights to contact Ministers/MKs to demand they hold a transparent discussion of the UAE deal scheduled to be voted on tomorrow (today in...
    Enjoy UAE Peace, But Time Is Slipping Away... by Mark Vandermaas, Israel Land Rights Trainer, IsraelTruthWeek.org, Aug 20/20 No sane person wishes for anything other than peace, but all the euphoria over the 'peace' deal with the UAE is obscuring an ever-present truth: the focus on solutions...

    Call or write. I'll get back to you soon.