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Read the speech that could change EVERYTHING for Israel

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WHAT IF... Prime Minister Netanyahu gave this speech to the world?

'Truth Before Solutions: A New Path To Peace'

“Ladies and gentlemen:

"This is a momentous day in the history of Israel and the Jewish People, a day when we will take a bold step on a new path to long term peace.

“After much reflection upon the many years of Israel’s attempts to make peace with those who have offered us hatred and violence in return; after enduring the vicious and escalating demonization of our country and our people via lies so audacious that Joseph Goebbels would have been proud to claim them as his own; in the dark shadow of a world determined to side with those who have defamed and murdered us, the Government of Israel has come to a crossroads and with it a realization:

"Instead of focusing on what is true and just, we have instead invested our energies into finding a 'solution' at any price. And the price has been a terrible one.

“Along the way, in our eagerness to compromise with terror and conform with a world forgetful of its promises and obligations to us, we have also forgotten… that there can be no peace without truth, and the truth is that the Jewish people are owners, not occupiers because we have a land title deed from the ORIGINAL two-state solution, the 1922 League of Nations Mandate For Palestine in which the world community recognized our historical ties to Palestine and encouraged us to rebuild our national home here under the protection of international law.

"It is immoral that the world now condemns Jews for relying on the promises it made to us in the Mandate when we build the very communities it specifically authorized us to create.

"It is immoral that countless Jewish souls were slaughtered in Europe because the doors to our National Home were illegally slammed shut to us on the eve of World War Two in direct violation of the Mandate For Palestine.

“It is immoral for the United Nations to give legitimacy to those who seek the destruction of Israel, and to pass resolutions that violate the obligation in its Charter to protect the rights of our people given in the Mandate.

"It is immoral for the world to deny Jews the right to claim their ancient capital 'Jerusalem, Israel' as their birthplace.

"It is immoral for the world to boycott Jewish businesses until we falsely confess to being illegal occupiers, thieves and ethnic-cleansing murderers.

"And it would be immoral for us to stain the history of our people by allowing the world to force upon us a NEW two-state solution after it has so egregiously ignored its obligations in the 1922 original.

"To do so would be, in effect, a false admission of guilt for the terrible crimes of which we have been unjustly accused. It would dishonour the memory of those who struggled, suffered and died to rebuild and defend our historic national home; this home…which was reconstituted after the longest occupation in human history—nearly 2000 years long. A REAL occupation that was ended by the bright and hopeful lights of the Balfour Declaration, the San Remo Conference, the Mandate For Palestine and Article 80 of the United Nations Charter.

"The UN of today never questions or interferes with the borders of any other state created under the Mandates System—including those of our Arab neighbours—only the Jewish state is singled out for special treatment.

"If the history written since 1922 has taught us anything, it is that the Jewish people cannot rely on the world's promises, so how could we possibly trust new commitments in a NEW two-state solution that likely would be forgotten just as quickly as the original?

"Jewish honour, dignity and security requires us to put truth before solutions and good intentions and so, the State of Israel is placing a moratorium on all so-called 'solutions' until the world community acknowledges and upholds the obligations to us in the Mandate For Palestine.

"Then and only then--after the intimidation to confess to crimes we have never committed is no more--would it be morally legitimate to ask the Jewish people to decide whether or not they wish to give away the land of our ancestors, the land promised to us by our G-d.

"In the meantime we will defend ourselves with all our strength against those seeking to perpetrate a second Holocaust against the Jewish People, and we will do so with a clear conscience.

“We are not asking Israelis to embrace or reject any of the various peace proposals presented to date. They are all problematic. We feel that, at this time, the best approach is to address the most pressing issue—that of preserving the honour of the Jewish People until an appropriate lasting solution can be found. This process begins now by reminding the world of the legal and territorial rights granted to us under the Mandate For Palestine and asking that they be respected from this day onward. In so doing we hope to begin to turn back the terrible tide of hate, lies, violence and political intimidation associated with the false occupation narrative.

Our new approach includes providing education for every Israeli citizen and member of the Diaspora about the history of our country's land title deed and the original two-state solution initiated by Article 25 of the Mandate, and supporting those who wish to take this education effort to the nations.

Where this will lead in the short term, I cannot say, but I can say THIS with absolute certainty: yesterday, we had no peace and no truth. From this day forward we will at least be able to walk in the light and dignity of truth. This in itself is an important step forward on the path to long term peace, and we ask the world community to walk with us.

"We call on the leaders of the nations—especially those that were members of the League of Nations in 1922 and were, therefore, original parties to the Mandate's obligations—to refresh their country’s collective memory of the Mandate For Palestine, and ask themselves a fundamental question: “Is my country's policy on Israel morally consistent with the promises we made to the Jewish People in the Mandate?” If the answer is “NO”…then I respectfully call on you to update your policy.

"I promise that your role in justly restoring and safeguarding the reputation of my people and our nation in the record of history will never be forgotten, by us or by G-d.

"I encourage you to take the time necessary to familiarize yourselves with the promises made to the Jewish People in their land title deed, the Mandate For Palestine—the ORIGINAL two-state solution. Copies can be downloaded at [].

Tomorrow, after you have had a chance to review this remarkable document, I will gladly answer your questions.

"Thank you."


Written by: Mark Vandermaas
Israel Truth Week

38 Oxley St., Hillsborough, NB Canada E4H 3A3

You are free to reprint this 'speech' in its entirety provided you include this notice. HTML & PDF copies available at:

Imagine... every journalist in the world suddenly Googling 'Mandate For Palestine' and learning about Israel's land title deed given to the Jewish People by the world in 1922!

Imagine... finally putting the 'occupation' lie on the defensive!

Imagine... no Jewish child going to bed believing their people stole land that didn't belong to them!