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Enjoy UAE Peace, But Time Is Slipping Away...

Enjoy UAE Peace, But Time Is Slipping Away...

by Mark Vandermaas, Israel Land Rights Trainer,, Aug 20/20

No sane person wishes for anything other than peace, but all the euphoria over the 'peace' deal with the UAE is obscuring an ever-present truth: the focus on solutions/peace instead of truth/justice has yet again sidelined the long term goal of defending the dignity and honour of Jewish people.

The 'occupation' hoax is still going unchallenged by all but a tiny handful of NGOs, and not at all by the Israeli government. In fact, the lie is reinforced by the fact that Israel has put its plans to 'annex' (you don't have to annex what you already own!) on hold.

The longer 'OCCUPATION!' goes unchallenged, the longer the world believes that Jews stole land.

You want a 2 state 'solution'? You need to destroy the 'occupation' hoax in order to not saddle your kids with a legacy of land thievery and ethnic cleansing by - in effect - falsely confessing under duress, to every crime of which Israel' stands accused. (Nobody's talking about THAT danger, or what happens when her enemies want the rest of Israel 25 or 50 years from now.)

You want a 1 state solution where Israel gets to keep all the land west of the Jordan River recognized as Jewish land in the Mandate For Palestine? You need to destroy the 'occupation' blood libel in the eyes of the world and your own people to make it politically possible. There are no shortcuts.

You just want peace...somehow? Well, a realistic solution will become much more likely as the world grows to realize that it has been the victim of the greatest hoax in history: the lie that Jews are illegally occupying the land of Israel. Here's a graph to illustrate:

Israel Truth Week graph: As value of 'occupation' propaganda goes down due to increasing awareness of Israel's land rights, the likelihood of peace goes up.

Destroy the 'occupation' propaganda, and the prospects for peace go up.

If Israel doesn't switch from its 'solutions/peace' mindset to a 'truth/justice' one instead, you will continue to lose your kids to the 'occupation/stolen land' hoax, and 100 peace deals with Arab countries won't comfort you or them as they go to bed each night after being brutalized over and over again with fake accusations that their people stole land (given to them by G-d, and acknowledged as theirs by the world under international law in 1922.)

HAVE YOU NOTICED... my 'Truth Before Solutions' message has never changed? That's because it's based on a fundamental principle I learned from Menachem matter what the cost, safeguard the honour and dignity of the Jewish people. After everything the world has done to Jews, it seems cruelly unjust to saddle your people with the false legacy of being land thieves and ethnic cleansers.

IF I WERE RUNNING ISRAEL'S PR, the first thing...the very first thing I'd do is have Bibi give this speech in which he declares a moratorium on all solutions: 'Truth Before Solutions: A New Path To Peace.' This is a great time to do it. The perfect time was years ago, when Trump entered the White House, but today is the next-best time. Tell Bibi...Give The Speech!

Enjoy the peace, but time is slipping away. If Trump wins, Israel gets 4 more years in which to win the counter-propaganda war against the stolen land legacy. If he loses, Israel could find US troops in Gaza standing against Israel. Nothing is too crazy to take off the table if the Democrat Party of Slavery and its Jew-hating Hamas Squad are given power.

The only problem is that Israel has not even begun to fight back against the 'occupation' blood libel that underlies much of today's antisemitism. I strongly suggest you read this short article about the Overton Window, and consider how Israel plays permanent defence within the window of lies defined by her enemies. It's sad how woefully incompetent Israel's PR truly is. All the 'feel-good' stories about Israeli innovation, humanitarian missions and gay-friendliness won't make young people raised on a diet of 'occupation' feel good about Jews and their nation.

It's long, LONG past time to go on the offence, and remind the world of its promises and obligations to the Jewish people. If you've never read them, take my free Liberating Israel training here, and be inspired!

Abstract portrait, founder/land rights trainer, Mark Vandermaas

WRITTEN & POSTED BY: Mark Vandermaas, Israel Land Rights Trainer,

Mark Vandermaas trains Zionist activists to liberate Israel from the ‘occupation’ blood libel via his Israel Truth Week 'Liberating Israel' project. He has been called a ‘Damn Zionist’ by his enemies and an ‘Honorary Jew’ by his allies. He has organized pro-Israel conferences, appeared on Jewish and Christian TV for Israel, and personally trained over 650 Zionists and other pro-Israel people using his 'Jews Are Owners, Not Occupiers' message. His rule-of-law activism during the Caledonia, Canada crisis between 2006 - 2012 has been cited in two books: the bestselling Helpless, by Christie Blatchford, and in Gary McHale’s Victory In The No-Go Zone.

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